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Nowclean technology

NoWClean technology is economical, simple, handy, environment friendly, harmless to humanbody.

First, all you need is salt, water and electricity to generate NoWClean, which is the main solution for sterilizing, disinfecting, and removing odor.

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high pressure washer

Des-WA50, DES-W50, DES-W50N is High pressure washer with powerful sterilizing & disinfecting solution generator. The machine generates sodium hypochlorite with sodium, water, and electricity which can strongly effect killing bacteria, germs.

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Water Generator

Disinfectant powered water generator for disinfecting, sterilizing, senitizing at home user - The NoWClean technology is handy to use all you have to do is prepare salt. It is a best solution for sterilizing and disinfecting area, materials, personal equipment.

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fish processing plant

One of the many commerical uses of NoWClean is demonstrated in this video of a fish processing plant.

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